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Caring well conference

November 11, 2017

Prince Conference Center, Calvin College

8 a.m.-4 p.m. 

Have you ever wondered, "Since we believe a biblical sexual ethic is true (one man + one woman for life), how can we care well for and about LGBT+ people?" How can we be invitational, loving, and caring--without changing theology?

Let's talk about it.

This fall, Hole in my Heart Ministries is sponsoring a one-day conference sharing how we can care well for people while holding to a biblical sexual ethic. Listen, dialogue, and leave equipped with winsome, gospel-centered ways to journey alongside LGBT+ friends, family, and neighbors for a lifetime.  

Anyone willing to considerately engage grace and truth is welcome.


Equipping Jesus-followers with a gospel-centered approach to sexuality

EQUIPPING: We will not simply theorize how to love; we will offer practical ways how.
JESUS-FOLLOWERS: Anyone who is willing to considerately engage a loving, historical, Christian sexual ethic is welcome.
GOSPEL-CENTERED: This is not orientation-change or reparative therapy. Attendees will dialogue about how everyone can submit their sexuality to the lordship of Christ through the power of the gospel. (The gospel: I am more sinful than I believe and more loved than I can imagine.)
SEXUALITY: Everyone is born with broken sexuality. The focus will be on same-sex attraction, but we will also discuss gender and heterosexual sexuality.

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Featured Speakers:

Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Preston is a biblical scholar, an international speaker, and a New York Times bestselling author who has written numerous books including People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue and Living in a Gray World: A Christian Teen's Guide to Homosexuality, both published by Zondervan.  Preston is the president of The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender--a collaboration of people seeking to equip Christian leaders, churches and organizations with the ability to engage questions about faith, sexuality, and gender with theological faithfulness and courageous love. He and his wife, Chris, and their four children live in Boise, Idaho. Learn more about Preston at

Laurie Krieg

Laurie Krieg is the executive director of Hole in my Heart Ministries, a compassionate counseling ministry for those wrestling with issues related to sexuality. Laurie and her husband, Matt, speak, write, and counsel out of a heart to love people through the lens of the gospel. Laurie daily submits her same-sex attractions to the lordship of Christ, and comes alive sharing how and why she does that. Laurie is the chairperson of Caring Well, serves on the board of The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender, and is writing a book called Caring Well: How to Care for the Hole in you Heart.  Visit her blog and learn about their counseling ministry at

Matt Krieg, LLPC

Matt Krieg is a licensed therapist and the Director of Counseling at Caring Well Counseling—the mental health arm of Hole in my Heart Ministries. Caring Well Counseling exits to equip people with practical ways to care well for themselves, their family, and their neighbors through the humbling, empowering lens of the gospel. Matt daily submits his broken heterosexual sexuality to the lordship of Christ while married to his best friend (Laurie Krieg), and comes alive sharing how and why he does that. To learn more about Caring Well Counseling visit

Coles Portrait.jpg

Greg Coles

Greg is a writer, a piano player, a baker, a worship leader, and a PhD candidate in English, not necessarily in that order. Though he calls central Pennsylvania home these days, he grew up on the Indonesian island of Java, and he feels more Asian than he looks. He's also the author of Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity. Greg will lead worship, speak a bit, and answer some questions at the Caring Well Conference. To learn more about him visit


There are 8 workshops to choose from (you can attend two):

  1. "Pastoring Well" How can pastors be faithful theologically while pursuing courageous love? --Pastor Dave Beelen, Dr. Matthew Tuininga, and Pastor Marvin Williams
    • Dave Beelen, MDiv: Pastor Dave the senior pastor of Madison Square Church, a multi-ethnic, multi-site church in Grand Rapids, MI. In addition to serving as a mentor to Matt and Laurie Krieg, he is on the board of directors for the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender with Preston Sprinkle and Laurie Krieg.
    • Matthew Tuininga, PhD: Matthew is the Asst. Professor of Moral Theology at Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI. Matt has spoken numerous times about how Christians can love others faithfully while maintaining orthodoxy.
    • Marvin Wiliams, MDiv: Pastor Marvin is the lead pastor of Trinity Church in East Lansing, MI, author for Our Daily Bread, blogger, and encourager of the body of Christ. Pastor Marvin was one of the first pastors who courageously invited Matt and Laurie to speak about submitting all of our sexuality to the Lordship of Christ to his home church of thousands. (Link here.)
  2. "Counseling Well" What is a shame and anxiety reducing, not-orientation change counseling model that holds to a Christian sexual ethic? --Matthew Krieg 
    • Matthew Krieg, LLPC:  Matt is a licensed counselor, speaker, podcaster, and someone who is passionate about caring well for people wrestling with issues related to sexuality through wisdom, compassion, and biblical truth. 
  3. “Leading Students Well" How can youth leaders practically and pastorally engage grace/truth/love with students who live in a rapidly changing culture? --Dr. Preston Sprinkle
    • Preston Sprinkle, PhD: New York Times bestselling author Preston Sprinkle has a pastor's heart and a scholar's mind. Although he is not a youth pastor, he has met with countless youth pastors, parents, LGBT+ youth, and has written a book for youth called Living in a Gray World
  4. "Parenting your LGBT+/SSA Child Well" Is there a different set of rules for a child who experiences same-sex attractions, gender confusion, or identifies as LGBT+? --Dr. Janelle Hallman
    • Janelle Hallman, PhD: Janelle is a therapist and the director of Janelle Hallman and Associates in Denver, CO. She has worked with LGBT+ people and their families for over 30 years. She is a promoter of "unconditional radical acceptance" of a person while pursuing unwavering biblical orthodoxy. She is the author of the book The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction. 
  5. "Parenting Well in 2017" The world doesn't stop changing. How do we teach our children to engage culture and love their neighbor while maintaining a Christian sexual ethic? --Pastor Don Pearson
    • Don Pearson, MDiv: Pastor Don is the lead teaching pastor at Blythefield Hills Baptist Church's Northview Campus in Grand Rapids, MI. Before he was the lead pastor, he served as a pastor to youth and parents. Pastor Don is the author of iParent, iConnect, and YOUthwork.
  6. "Doing Justice Well" How can we advocate for homeless, suicidal, and bullied LGBT+ people like Jesus? --Michael Reiffer
    • Michael Reiffer, MSW, LMSW: Michael is a licensed therapist and the Clinic Manager of the Southwest Pine Rest Clinic with a heart for justice and mercy because of the gospel. 
  7. "Journeying Alongside Well" How can we love our LGBT+ friends, siblings, spouses, and neighbors like Jesus? --Laurie Krieg, Greg Coles, Meg Baatz, Daniel Mattson, and Jillian and Aaron Vanderzon
    • Laurie Krieg: Laurie is the executive director of HIMH Ministries, a speaker, writer, podcaster, and gospel-addict. 
    • Meg Baatz: Meg is the Creative Director at Lead Them Home
    • Greg Coles, MA: Greg is a worship leader, PhD candidate, and author of Single Gay Christian.
    • Daniel Mattson: Daniel is a professional orchestral trombone player, and author of Why I Don't Call Myself Gay.
    • Jillian and Aaron Vanderzon: Jillian and Aaron are two people who love Jesus and have benefitted from loving, truth-speaking community.
  8. "Working with Institutions Well " How can we hold to a Christian sexual ethic while loving and serving college students, summer campers, or people we serve at our jobs? --Dr. Mary Hulst and Dr. Gerald Longjohn
    • Mary Hulst, PhD: Mary Hulst is the Chaplain of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. She is passionate about caring well for the LGBT+ student through the lens of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a biblical sexual ethic.
    • Gerald Longjohn, PhD: Gerald is the Vice President of Student Development at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI. He is Title IX certified, and has worked extensively to help Cornerstone remain theologically faithful while caring well for LGBT+ and same-sex attracted students.


Student: $25/person

Students ages 17 and above are welcome and encouraged to attend. This age limit is not because the conference will be graphic, but because it is for caregivers and care-abouters. We want to equip parents, pastors, counselors, and mentors with a gospel-centered approach to sexuality. A current, valid student ID must be shown at conference to qualify for this $25 rate. (The "student rate" includes current students with a valid ID who are over the age of 25.)

Adult: $85/person

Group: $50/person

Groups of 8 or more who register together can take advantage of this special $50 rate!

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